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The Transpersonal approach acknowledges ways of functioning where the experience and sense of identity or the self extends beyond normal, conventional, personal or individual levels. It includes spiritual self-development, peak or mystical experiences, spiritual crisis or emergency, altered states of consciousness, spiritual practices and expanded experiences of living… Transpersonal Counselling integrates these spiritual and transcendent aspects of the human experience within the framework of psychotherapy.


Spiritual Crisis in particular can be very traumatic for an individual. It can be triggered by a traumatic event, such as the loss of a loved one, or over-zealous spiritual practice. Because many of the symptoms that begin to occur with this kind of emotional distress can closely resemble a psychotic break, it may sometimes be construed as a mental illness and go misdiagnosed. We do need to open the conversation about the difference between a psychotic moment and a spiritual awakening and how to support those whose transpersonal experience has become distressing or unmanageable.


In many cultures, these experiences would be considered a shamanic initiation or a mystical awakening, whilst in the West, it would more likely be medicated. For some people, depending on the severity of the spiritual crisis in an acute phase, that would be the right thing to do and perhaps you have been referred in the recent past to a Community Mental Health Service.


If you think Transpersonal Counselling relating to a Spiritual Crisis will assist, I can help you to integrate and grow from these types of experiences.


The support that helped me to integrate and embody my own crisis of awakening included:

  • Earthing and grounding

  • Being outdoors in nature

  • Simple, practical, physical and routine activities like walking, cooking and housework

  • Eating healthy and grounding foods

  • Plenty of rest and naps

  • Reducing exposure to noise, technology, the news and negative or over-stimulating input

  • Spending time with grounded, healthy people

  • Spending time alone in quiet contemplation

  • Meditation, Yoga, Chi Gong

  • Receiving regular Healing Treatments, like Reiki, Reflexology or Acupuncture

  • Personal development, self-reflection, training and workshops

  • Slowing down and simplifying life

  • Learning about ‘Energy Hygiene’ and how to manage my personal energy and keep it clean and clear

  • Mindful awareness of thoughts, emotions and spiritual experiences

  • A practice of self-monitoring and self-awareness

  • Sharing my feelings and experiences with someone who just listened, believed my narrative and made me feel understood